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Online surveys usability
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Total records in survey:2
Percentage of total:100.00%
Field summary for Intention
Do you think you will use online questionnaires as a data gathering tool? 
Answer Count Percentage
Yes, within the next 6 months (y6m) 0 0.00%  
Yes, within one year (y1y) 0 0.00%  
yes, as from next year (y2y) 0 0.00%  
Maybe next year (m2y) 0 0.00%  
Maybe, in the next 5 years (m5y) 0 0.00%  
No, I dont see any use (nouse) 0 0.00%  
No, the respondents I intend to question are not online anyway (notonline) 0 0.00%  
No, I dont intend to use questionnaires at all (noQuest) 0 0.00%  

Field summary for Q2:
How many responses did you get?
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